Applications: Pressure

For example: 

Spraying technology

Change of media application by controlled addition of blow air

For example: 

Blow air

Blowing a piece of material into its defined shape

For example:

Tightness testing

Exact test pressure control in tightness testing using a proportional regulator

For example: 

Filling pressure

Filling of media with even pressure, independent of the filling quantity of the delivered medium

For example: 

Artificial heart

Even infeed of blood alternating pressure and vacuum

For example: 

Laser cutting

Adjustment of gas pressure to different material thicknesses

For example: 

Power brake

Verification of target/actual value of a power brake

For example: 

Thickness compensation

Compensation of different material thicknesses to maintain an even contact pressure of the roller

For example: 

Ultrasonic welding

Friction pressure control in work piece welding

For example: 

Tyre manufacturing

Even application of individual layers in tyre production

For example: 

Materials testing

Continuous pressure increase to test material solidity

For example: 


Change of CO2 supply in endoscopic operations to adjust theoperation field

For example: 

Belt grinder or pneumatic press

Contact pressure control of tools

For example: 

Reeling machine

Compensation of different material lengths and control of tension

For example: 

Load-bearing beam

Pneumatic weight compensation via cylinder pressure

For example: 

Welding tongs

Different contact pressure depending on material and thickness

For example: 

Brake pressure

Smooth and even braking according to a defined profile

For example: 

Metering of adhesives

Exact metering of applied adhesive

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