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Work processes have to be automated in all areas of industry. And proportional regulators optimise production processes everywhere. RIBA proportional regulators of the RP200, RP500 and RM100 lines are pressure and vacuum regulators, those of the RS100 line are position regulators and the RF100 line comprises flow regulators. The applications are multifarious: Band edge control, automotive engineering, brake pressure control, tensile stress control, actuating power control, screen printing machines, wood processing (glueing), foil coating, spraying plants, materials testing technology, steam pressure control, conveyor plants, metering control, control of liquid media, compensating roller controls, laboratory and testing field. RIBA regulators are used as positioners for industrial valves and fittings in mixing and metering technology, e.g. for flaps, distributing valves, ball valves, disk valves, angle valves and seating valves. RIBA regulators are also used in the the foods industry, gas pipelines, energy engineering, special valves and fittings, bulk solids industry. RIBA regulators are also employed in pneumatic drives: Rotary actuator, diaphragm actuators, cylinders, part-turn valve actuators.

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